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Massive Attack invited us to devise a live version of the classic Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack for their Meltdown Festival at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Putting all their faith in our ability to reproduce this classic score was a bit of a punt, but it ultimately paid off and became a recognised highlight of the festival. Made all the more special with guest singers Guy Garvey, Vashti Bunyan, Omar Ebrahim and the powerful imagery of United Visual Artists.

Performed only twice, first in London then at the Sydney Opera House for the spectacular festival Vivid LIVE.

"Five-star on-stage Heroics" ★★★★★
Rick Pearson / Evening Standard
"The smoky, futuristic world of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner was brought viscerally to life... a stunning display of musical performance by the Heritage Orchestra... Blade Runner has been done on stage before, but I don’t think any of those interpretations would stand up to what took place at Meltdown last night; it was simply extraordinary" ★★★★★

Michael Beek / Music from the Movies
"Massive Attack ambitiously commissioned the idealistic Heritage Orchestra to perform Vangelis's soundtrack, transforming icy synthesiser grandeur into engrossing orchestral opulence" ★★★★★
The Guardian

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