Artist:Hot Chip


When Shoreditch (which is London;-) used to be cool, Heritage Orchestra was circling the same environs as Hot Chip, even sharing the same stage at Cargo where it all began for us.  Fast-forward and we find ourselves with Hot Chip doing a bizarre music/workout event in a warehouse near Brick Lane in collaboration with Nike.  Chris Wheeler with the help of Tristan Noon taking a 60 minute Hot Chip mix – writing strings for it – and doing multiple performances throughout the day accompanying hardcore sweaty fitness freaks.

If you didn’t know… Hot Chip are a synth-pop band from England, a place that used to be part of the European Union.  The guys who get a lot of the credit are vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor, who become a fully-fledged band with the addition of Owen ClarkeAl Doyle, and Felix Martin. It is said that their early stuff (2006) ‘evoked the cleverness of Talking Heads and the poignancy of the Pet Shop Boys‘. Since then, their style has broadened, they’ve shifted around a bit, yet always with a sound that is identifiably them.

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